Workshop - Managing Service Operations
01/21/2008 11:49 am
On the 14th of March from 09:00 to 14:00 we kindly invite all interested companies to our workshop "Managing Service Operations using Process Reference Model" at the Arabella Sheraton Airport Hotel in Düsseldorf.

In this Workshop we will present an integrated set of tools & methods for industrial services like Logistics (3PL) or Maintenance including process models, service
performance measurement systems and simulation models to enhance service operations & concentration on core competencies.

If you are interested in joining our Workshop, please click on the link "Registration for Workshop: Managing Service Operations" and print out the last page. Afterwards fill in relevant information and send it to us as a fax. The participation is free of cost. Please be aware, that 50 persons can participate at most.

We are looking forward to receiving your registration, meeting you in Düsseldorf and achieving valuable results!

Registration for Workshop: "Managing Service Operations"

3rd / 4th of May: TSC Meeting
05/02/2007 10:00 am
The TSC Meeting took place at ICM in Chemnitz. After an intensive meeting, all process are aligned with the business cases so far. Minor changes are only necessary to present the first version of the InCoCo-S Reference Model.

The Technical Steering consolidates key issues concerning the development of the InCoCo-S Reference Model. Its aim is to develop a business specific standard of the IRM which is easily adaptable to enterprises.

Start of Industrial Validation
04/13/2007 08:00 am
The validation of the InCoCo-S Reference Model started with one of our industrial memebers. The aim is to verify the developed reference model so far and to incorporate practical requirements to the InCoCo-S Reference Model.