The Project IMS 2020 closed since December 31, 2011
This project was successfully closed in 2011. We thank all project partners for their good cooperation.

For more Information please contact:

FIR (Institute for Industrial Management) at the RWTH Aachen University

Prof. Dr. Volker Stich
Campus-Boulevard 55
52074 Aachen
Phone: +49 241 47705-0
Fax: +49 241 47705-199

World Manufacturing Forum in May 2011
From 16th till 17th May 2011 the IMS 2020 project consortium organises the "World Manufacturing Forum 2011". Interested representatives from industry and science can apply for participation.

Please find more information here:

July 2010: IMS 2020 on the
On September 8th between 14:00 and 17:30, IMS2020 will have a presentation at the Industrial Technologies Conference in Brussels in the session on International Dimension.

Please find more information here:

June 2010: Vice President SAP Research praises IMS 2020
In his guest editorial for the European IMS Newsletter, Dr. Uwe Kubach - Vice President SAP Research and member of FoF AIAG, the European IMS Industrial Advisory Board, and EFFRA - praises the results of the IMS 2020 project.

Please find the article here:

May 2010: IMS 2020 Roadmap Brochure online
Additionally to KAT 1-3, the Roadmap on Key Area Topic 5 is online, as well as a brochure on all five Key Area Topics.

Find more information here: Publications

March 2010: The IMS 2020 Summer School
The IMS Community is proud to launch the IMS Summer School on manufacturing strategy. The IMS Summer School will be an annual event in order to develop competences and to educate beneficiaries and members from industry and research on new global approaches to manufacturing strategy.

The first edition about Sustainable Manufacturing takes place at ETH Zurich, May 26-28, 2010

Find more information and application procedures here:
IMS 2020 Summer School

January 2010: First Drafts of IMS2 2020 Roadmap online
In the past months, the IMS 2020 partners have worked eagerly on preparing the envisioned roadmap for the first three of five Key Area Topics (KATs). In the puplications area you find a roadmap flyer and a roadmap document about
  • Sustainable Manufacturing, Products and Services
  • Energy Efficient Manufacturing
  • Key Technologies
Find more information here: Publications

September 2009: Participate in the IMS2020 Wiki!
In order to deliver a broad information basis to all IMS2020 interested people, the IMS 2020 partners developed the IMS2020 Wiki. In this Wiki, industrials and researchers from all over the work can exchane their ideas about the future of manufacturing.

Please visit the IMS2020 Wiki for more details.

Further Information:

As a wiki enables documents to be written collaboratively we invite you to join us developing our research topics. In our Wiki you will find about 70 topics that are clustered in due to our Key Area Topics (KATs). Follow this link and you can read all the topics. If you take just one minute time to register you can even comment on our work and to take influence on future research emphases. Your comments will be considered fairly and used to enhance our topics. Raise your voice and support us in defining the future of research.

April 2009: IMS2020 Survey online

We would like to invite all IMS2020 interested people to take part in the second round of our international Online Survey regarding intelligent manufacturing systems in 2020. The survey will remain open until the 7th of September 2009. Contribute your knowledge and experience in order to actively shape the future of manufacturing.

The European Commission mandated us to identify the most important trends for future production. Your assessment of the research topics presented in the survey will help us to design the research framework of the EC.

In this anonymous survey, you are kindly asked to assess research topics meant to shape the future of intelligent manufacturing. The questions concern the relevance of the topics for your organization as well as your readiness to participate in global collaborative research on these topics. Completing the survey will take only about 15 minutes.

Again we invite a high number of experts from Europe, Japan, Korea, Switzerland and the USA to participate in the second online survey.

Please follow this link IMS2020 Second Online Survey to take part in the survey and intensify your network in the IMS Community.

We are looking forward to your participation!

The IMS2020 Project Team