7th SENERGY Round Table

18.-19.01.2011 at WINERGY AG, Germany

The 7th Round Table was hosted by Winergy in Voerde from 18th to 19th of January 2011.

Impressions of the Workshop in Voerde

The meeting focused on information transparency in the Wind Energy Supply Chain. The Beer Distribution Game, a Supply Chain Management Game developed by MIT, provided the basis for this workshop by clarifying the effects of missing transparency and communication in a value chain. The results were taken as input for an analytic session, defining the information needs in inventory management for spare parts in the wind energy sector and a discussion of respective cooperation potentials within the SENERGY group. The meeting was enriched by a visit of the production facilities of Winergy.

6th SENERGY Round Table
The 6th SENERGY Round Table was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.

5th SENERGY Round Table

18.-19.05.2010 in Helsinki, Finland

The last meeting took place in Helsinki from 18th to 19th of May 2010 and was hosted by ABB.

Impressions of the Workshop in Helsinki

The SENERGY members focused on Spare Parts Logistics and the related problems that had been identified in Round Table 4. Moreover, the underlying question for this Round Table was how companies can react to the demand for industrialisation.

4th SENERGY Round Table

25.-26.01.2010 in Wolfsburg Autostadt, Germany

The 4th Round Table was held at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg from 25th to 26th of January 2010.

Impressions of the Workshop in Wolfsburg

On the first day, the SENERGY members visited the Volkswagen factory - Europes largest car factory - and discussed challenges in Project Management with an expert from Volkswagen. The next day the members of the SENERGY Round Table analysed and identified interface problems in the value chain by mapping the Wind Energy Service Value Chain.

3rd SENERGY Round Table

21.-22.09.2009 in Dusseldorf, Germany

The 3rd Round Table was held in Dusseldorf from 21st to 22nd of September 2009.

The SENERGY Round Table discussed about Life Cycle Costs. Concrete examples to understand LCC in the wind energy sector have been developed within a workshop. The discussed examples have been:
  • Repair and retrofit of a 2MW Gearbox

  • Field Service for a 2MW Gearbox

  • Field service for a 2 MW Converter

  • LCC for a 1,5 MW wind turbine

  • 2nd SENERGY Round Table

    11.-12.05.2009 in Cologne, Germany

    The 2nd Round Table was held in Cologne from 11th to 12th of May 2009.

    The SENERGY Round Table discussed about understanding Life Cycle Costs within the wind energy sector. In comparison to a practical example from another industry.

    Impressions of the Workshop in Cologne

    Kick-Off meeting

    20.01.2009 in Aachen, Germany

    Seven companies of the wind energy sector followed the invitation of the Research Insitute for Operations Management (FIR) at RWTH Aachen University and the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) in Finland. This included small and big OEMs as well as different suppliers. They all took part at the constitutional meeting of the SENERGY Round Table, which was hold at the 20th of January 2009 in Aachen, Germany. The participants founded the SENERGY Round Table and agreed on the objectives of the Round Table.

    Foundation of the Senergy Round Table in Aachen